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Kersbrook Gums


Ask a toddler to draw “beautiful scene” and think about what elements they might include. Hills are usually there, like a wiggly worm drawn through the middle of the page. And then the sun is popped into the top corner and trees dotted around, so far so good. And then typically, out comes the green pencil to scribble the whole land the colour of a football field.


The Aussie in me finds this strange. Our land is gold much more than it is green. The summer sun quickly dries the grasses to brilliant yellows that shimmer and dazzle the eye. And those gums, if they were people, would be the tall, craggy, but always welcoming old uncles you visited on Sunday afternoons.


Sometimes we need to re-calibrate our stereotypes of what beauty can include: Green grass is over-rated!

Giclee print on rag paper, 12cm x 12cm
$200.00 framed, edition of 5



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