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Orta san Guilio

On the borders of Northern Italy- I only had to raise my eyes to look into Switzerland- there is a tiny lakeside fishing village called Orta san Guilio.


The cobbled streets and wharves don’t see many fishermen these days. They’ve long since stashed their nets and opened cafes and postcard shops where they sit and wait for the tourists to wander in. Each camera toting foreigner gulps in amazement thinking they are the first people in the world to find this quaint little nook.


I gulped too. I lost myself in the alleys, found myself in the taverna, and I snapped away until the phone ran hot. For Aussies, places like this make our own country feel about 10 minutes old.

Giclee print on rag paper, 12cm x 12cm
$200.00 framed, edition of 5



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