Storm Coming


I love a good storm. We dare ask ourselves how big it will be, knowing nature in her might can always have the last laugh and toss our puny works aside.


Ahh, not so tough now, are you little man?


But no matter how insignificant we are, it feels so good to throw ourselves out into the weather and taste the fury. To be buffeted by the wind and have the hail sting our cheeks. To jump when the lightening strikes and scream back at the crashing thunder.


This is Mitchell. We are at Blowhole beach on the Southern Fleurieu peninsular. The clouds are rolling in over Kangaroo Island. He’s just turned 15 but I think it already feels good to rage against the storm..

iPhone 5
Giclee print on rag paper, 12cm x 12cm
$200.00 framed, edition of 5